Chakras and Astrology: What's the Connection?


Chakra School: Untangle the Knots of Trauma & Karma.
Embody Your Radical Wholeness.


When trauma and karma run our lives, we experience:

  • Body tension, pain, and compulsive behaviors.
  • Anxious, critical thoughts and self-doubt.
  • Relationship misunderstandings, power struggles, and lack...
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What are Chakras? (Einstein’s Answer)

Uncategorized Feb 07, 2024

As the concept of the chakras has become part of the contemporary spiritual culture much has been added and much has been lost.

In this video, I explore the nature of the chakras and trace a direct line of wisdom that connects the ancient yogic revelations to Einstein’s special theory of...

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Birth, Death, Rebirth: The Inner Teachings

Uncategorized Feb 22, 2023
What are we doing here?
We’re here to learn the method of the Cosmic Dreamer. So, who or what is the Cosmic Dreamer?
  • In religious language: God.
  • In spiritual-not-religious language: Universe, Spirit.
  • In mystical language: the Radiant-Generative-Presence from which All emanates.
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The Blessing of Difficult People

Uncategorized Nov 24, 2022
When we walk the path of awakening there are two kinds of people we meet: allies and adversaries.
It’s easy to love the allies. It’s harder to love the adversaries. Yet, both need to be embraced and befriended. Why?  Because allies and adversaries are mirrors.
What are...
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How to make anxiety your friend

A reader who’s left the corporate world and is embarking on a new entrepreneurial venture sent this question:
“At what point does being ‘responsible’ shift into just being caught in a negative mindset where it’s all about avoiding risk and liability?

When does due...

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How Does Mantra Meditation Work?


Imagine that you’ve gone to your favorite food market to pick up something for dinner. You’re scanning the bread shelves looking for a tasty loaf, wondering, “Hmmm, gluten-free? Rye? Sourdough?”

Then, you hear someone calling your name. What do you do next?

You turn in the...

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What are the biggest benefits of practicing mantra meditation?


What will be the biggest benefits of mantra meditation for you?

The true answer is that you cannot know or define the biggest benefit prior to receiving it. 

Let’s see why.

We all come to spiritual disciplines such as mantra meditation with hopes.

  • We have ideas and expectations about...
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Cultivating Witness Consciousness: How to Be Free & Fully Present

Uncategorized Jul 15, 2021

When you pour tea into a tall thin cup, the tea assumes that tall, thin shape. When you pour tea into a squat, round cup, it assumes that shape.

It’s wonderful that tea does this. It facilitates tea drinking. But your mind needn’t act like tea. Too often it does.

How does the mind...

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Hacks are Hopeless & the Awesome Power of Goo

awareness doodle meditation Jul 08, 2021

Before a caterpillar can become a butterfly, it must become goo.
Within the cocoon, as the form of the caterpillar totally dissolves, it turns to a liquid that is rich with nutrients and potential. From that goo, the butterfly is formed.

Within the goo are what biologists call imaginal...

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The End of Distortion

doodle meditation May 12, 2021

There’s a truck turning around in front of my house.
It’s beep-beep-beeping as it backs up, goes forward, backs up, and goes forward – in order to turn around. It performs this beeping pirouette four times an hour . . . all day long. The construction company that building 19...

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