How to get into the Flow State

doodle meditation Jan 13, 2021

When I was in my twenties and recently married, my father-in-law invited me to join him for a Sunday morning golf game. I’d never played a round of real golf only the miniature kind. But, given that I was the hippy-new-son-in-law, how could I say no?

I stepped up to the first tee.
I swung....

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What nourishes success?: A parable

doodle parable Nov 25, 2020

Once upon a time, there was a hand.
The hand lived a busy and fulfilling life. Typing. Playing the guitar. Digging in the garden. Tweeting.

Then one day, the hand became hungry.
So, the hand went into the kitchen and grabbed an apple. The hand squeezed the apple. But, that didn’t take away...

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What slows down change (And how to accelerate it)

doodle Nov 04, 2020

I received this email from a coaching client who was interested in being more creative:

“After our talk I have really been noticing how uncreative my workdays are. “

His comment reminded me of something my grandmother used to say. She’d say, “The truth will set you...

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Why Advice Fails: How to get out of the "Yes, but . . ." Rut

doodle Oct 28, 2020

Have you ever fallen into the “Yes, but . . .” rut? (I have many, many times).

It starts like this: your colleague or friend says, “I’ve got this problem. I’d like your advice.”
You nod.
They explain the situation. You ask a few more questions and then give them...

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What makes life sparkle?

Uncategorized Oct 21, 2020

When we officiated at our niece’s wedding it was a gorgeous day. Sunshine sparkled on the lake. Bubbly sparkled in the fluted glasses. But, one family member seemed to be engulfed in a black cloud. For her, nothing was sparkling.

Because the sparkle comes from within.
And is then reflected...

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Eight Ways to Find God in Conflict (it's not what you think)

Uncategorized Sep 24, 2020

It's easy to see the sacred when everything is rosy.
When you're sitting comfortably at your favorite cafe or under a lovely tree. Looking out at the world it all looks . . . divine.

But, the spiritual challenge is to connect to the sacred when life isn't going according to plan.
When your work is...

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Have you heard the Call?

Uncategorized Sep 09, 2020

Have your heard the Call?
The Call to a deeper life - to a more powerful expression of you gifts?


Well, there’s something bigger than you that’s got your inner attention. It’s knock, knock, knocking on the door of your awareness saying . . .  “Hello . . . Anybody...

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Dharma Doodle: Wake Up

Uncategorized Jun 03, 2020

When spiritual traditions and teachers encourage us to Wake Up – what  are they suggesting?

They’re suggesting that you and I are asleep to our lives and to Life itself.
That walking, talking, tweeting, and eating – aren’t evidence of being awake. That zooming through...

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