Is this you?

  1. You've been on a spiritual plateau and want to go deeper.

    You’ve been around long enough to know that there’s no magic bullet to the spiritual path. You’re tired of the overblown promises and cosmic rhetoric. You want to go deeper— to infuse your life with greater awareness, meaning and presence.
  2. You've had an inner awakening but still get caught in old patterns.

    You realize that the drama of your mind and emotions – isn’t really real. But, you still get caught up in those old patterns and that causes suffering for you and those you love. It's time for profound shift.
  3. You're ready to put your spiritual knowledge into practice.

    You’ve read the well-known teachers on spiritual growth and healing. You understand what they’re saying. You love it, in fact. It’s just that your “knowing” isn’t permeating your life. It’s time to go deeper; to move from understanding the teachings to embodying them.

No matter which of these situations resonate (or maybe all three!) Wisdom Heart teachings can serve you.

Here’s the place to start:

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Still not sure this is a fit?

We understand the hesitation. There’s so much hype and free fluff available in the spiritual marketplace.

That's why we focus on bringing the deepest dharma alive in daily life.

Wisdom Heart is people who have these values & beliefs:

  • Depth not Lite.

    You’re not interested in spirituality-lite. You want to live from deep realization in the ebb and flow of your everyday life.
  • Experience not Beliefs.

    You want to experience and embody the sacred energies of Life not just believe and talk about them.
  • Humor not Heaviness.

    You know there's a difference between sincerity and seriousness. You relish the wisdom and healing of a whole-hearted laugh.
  • Practice, practice, practice.

    You recognize that spiritual practice isn’t optional. You’re aware that thinking about awakening isn’t enough. You’re ready to practice and go deep.

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