How Does Mantra Meditation Work?


Imagine that you’ve gone to your favorite food market to pick up something for dinner. You’re scanning the bread shelves looking for a tasty loaf, wondering, “Hmmm, gluten-free? Rye? Sourdough?”

Then, you hear someone calling your name. What do you do next?

You turn in the direction of the voice.

You shift your attention from the bread to the voice. The sound of your name focuses your awareness and you turn towards the person who’s calling you.

It’s natural to respond when your name is called. And , this is how mantra meditation works.

Every being has a name.

Every being, not just every person. When the name is called - that being responds.

And here’s the key understanding that unlocks the power of mantra meditation:

  • Every state of consciousness is a being. 
  • Not a human being - but a living being.
  • A self-organized field of information and energy.

“Love”, “Freedom”, “Strength” aren’t just words or abstract ideas.

Love, in its essence, isn’t an emotion.

Love is a being. Love is a vibrant field of energy, intelligence, and information; a living state of consciousness.

Wisdom, in its essence, isn’t a mental construct.

Wisdom is a vibrant field of energy, intelligence, and information; a living state of consciousness.

At the center of every field of energy and intelligence is the purest, most essential, vibrating quality. That essential, primal vibration is a mantric resonance; the original name of a living being.

  • The essence of freedom is a mantra . . . a sacred resonance.
  • The essence of wisdom is a mantra . . . a vibrating presence.

A mantra isn’t the word for a state of consciousness. It is the state itself.

A mantra is the sound essence of a living field of energy and intelligence. Through mantra meditation you attuned to the pure, essential frequency of love, or wisdom, or freedom.

Your deep attunement opens the door to communion and you are infused with the primal energy and intelligence of the mantra.

  • When you meditate on the mantra of love, you become that love.
  • When you meditate on the mantra of freedom, you become free.

This is what the great sages who developed the mantra meditation system discovered.

In deep states of meditation, they communed with radiant states of love, freedom, and creativity. They attuned to the mantric resonance pulsing in the center of those transforming states.

When they opened their eyes and came out of meditation, the echo of the inner resonance remained in their awareness.

In a flash of spiritual genius, they realized that:

  • If they wanted to connect with a sacred state consciousness again, they could do so by meditating on the mantra; the inner resonance of that sacred state.
  • By immersing consciousness in the resonance of a sacred mantra – they would infuse their mind/body with the energy and intelligence of love.

By meditating upon the mantra, the ancient yogis discovered that they could attune or re-tune their being to the awareness, energy, and wisdom associated with that mantra.

If you want to infuse your body/mind with a sacred state of consciousness – be it freedom, love, or peace - call the name, chant the mantra of that sacred state.

And just as you turn from shopping for bread when someone calls your name . . . when you call the name - the mantra -  the sacred energy & intelligence will turn towards you and enter your life.


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