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Life-Changing Meditation Habit

“I wish I could meditate. “

We meet people every week who tell me they want to meditate. Then, they say, “I don’t think I can. I’ve tried.”

They think the problem is with them. But, it’s not.

The secret to establishing an unshakeable practice is in how you build it.

The reason people struggle with practice isn’t because they can’t meditate. It’s because the way meditation is taught simply doesn’t work for most people. Whether it’s through apps, classes, or retreats, most approaches just don’t stick.

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At first I was a concerned that the course might be too “beginner level” for me. I have meditated most of my life on and off and have done a lot of spiritual work over the years. The Meditation Habit took me even further and deeper than I had been able to go myself.

Eric has a wonderful way of always keeping it real rather than theoretical.

He addresses the more complex levels of this ancient practice without jargon. He answered our deeper questions with breadth and depth of knowledge based on his years of experience.

– Sophia Isajiw, Toronto, Canada

You can have a meditation practice that you wake up eager to do every day.

The Meditation Habit is an interactive program that teaches you how to start (or restart), sustain, and deepen a daily meditation practice.

Without a roadmap and the right kind of guidance, most people don’t establish a consistent, deep, life-changing meditation practice. Then, days (even years) go by without experiencing the mindfulness, presence, and peace that meditation brings.

In less than a month, you will:

  • Establish a meditation practice that you love and look forward to every single day.
  • Dissolve the patterns of stress, resistance and self-sabotage that have kept you from fully enjoying the benefits and blessings of meditation.
  • Integrate the wisdom of meditation into your daily life.

“Instead of telling myself I should meditate, I now wake up and actually DO it without hesitation and a deep sense of looking forward to this intimate space. The program is so well put together. The structure feels like a safety net, where I immerse myself and unfold into daily practice step-by-step. “

Gisela Kissing, Berlin, Germany

How does The Meditation Habit work?


The Meditation Habit is divided into small, carefully designed steps.

Each day you’ll experience teachings and guided practice. With care and precision, you’ll go deeper each day.

How small is each daily step? The practice will take less than 15 minutes a day and will: 

naturally build meditative momentum

take you deeper day-by-day

help you tailor the practice to your unique needs

show you how to overcome the obstacles to consistent practice

keep you inspired and motivated


The Meditation Habit is not a hack.

Our program integrates ancient wisdom with the science of behavior change.

That’s why it works so well. But, let’s be clear: you still have to “do the work.”  Happily this work is blissful.

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“I wasn’t sure if I really needed to take this program. I thought, “I should be able to sort this out for myself.”

But, I really needed a guide. You showed me how to connect the meditation practice to my day, and I haven’t missed a day since I started.

You and your team were very attentive. I felt like I wasn’t alone – which is important.

Daniel Stane, London, England

Here’s why The Meditation Habit is so effective.

We use a “drip system” approach to learning.

Small, easy-to-absorb “drips” of experience and information take you deeper day-by-day. Why the drip . . . drip . . . drip?

Because you’re building a daily habit.

Taking small, well-designed steps is the key. How small? Each step takes about 15 minutes a day. The tone, tempo, and design of The Meditation Habit makes you comfortable  so that you’re able to absorb the benefits of the practice day-by-day.

When you’re comfortable and enjoying the process, you learn easily.

The new habit sticks. Changes happen. It’s fun and fulfilling.

“Thanks to the Meditation Habit I now have a daily practice that I love – one that provides renewal, self acceptance, wonder, presence and wakefulness.

Lisa Zigarmi, MAPP, Portland, Oregon

Everything is Online: No Travel Required

The entire program is based online so that you can participate from anywhere.

All course materials, including videos, MP3s, written teachings, special recordings, and additional resources are on The Meditation Habit site. If you choose the Premium program, you’ll also be able to get on-going teacahings and guidance from Eric and Devi and access to the full Wisdom Heart Library of over 100 teachings.


Everything is Online: No Travel Required

The entire program is based online so that you can participate from anywhere.

All course materials, including streaming videos, MP3s, written teachings, special recordings, and additional resources are on The Meditation Habit site. If you choose the Premium program, you’ll also be able to ask questions, get feedback and connect online with other meditators.


Design of the Program


The Meditation Habit is divided into five parts:

Learn At Your Own Pace

Some people like to stick with a particular teaching or practice for a few days before moving to the next step. You can’t fall behind if you’re being true to your own learning process.

You can revisit and review the materials any time. Remember, you’re not checking off items on a to-do list, you’re establishing a meditation habit that will last a lifetime (or more).

Live Coaching Calls

For Premium members, we offer a live weekly call to deepen your understanding, strengthen your practice, and customize the teachings to your situation.

Premium members also have access to the full Wisdom Heart Library of over 100 teachings.

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“It actually does do what you promise it will do. This program is fabulous. I got more than I expected.”

– Jean Johnson Minneapolis, MN

The Meditation Habit (basic) Program includes:

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I have not missed a day on the cushion since day one of the program and, most importantly, I haven’t wanted to skip a single day, even while traveling.”
– Jean Van Bonn, Arcata, California

The Meditation Habit Premium Program includes (all of above plus):

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Who Teaches The Meditation Habit?

The Meditation Habit is led by Eric Klein, one of the few people on the planet to be both a best-selling leadership author and an ordained Kriya Yoga lineage holder in a 3,000 year old tradition.

Eric has been practicing meditation daily for 50 years and has been teaching the practice for more than four decades. He’s worked with thousands of people around the world online, at retreats, one-on-one, and in organizations.

With his wife, Devi, Eric founded The Wisdom Heart Community, a global network of people who are deepening their spiritual practice, healing their hearts, and discovering how to grow in wisdom and live with love.

“I’m eighty-three years old. I’ve studied with many teachers and gurus. What you offer is unique. I can start with a body full of tension – but once the meditation is on, all the tension dissolves. You’re a master at what you do. It’s a marvel to behold.”
Jim Richmond, Santa Fe, New Mexico

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Why could I not practice regularly until now? It now feels so easy . . . I realized today what you mean by falling in love with the practice. I woke up and looked forward to sitting on my cushion. Thank you for this program. The Meditation Habit has brought me to a deeper practice after many tries in vain.
Sigrid Beck, Germany

What graduates of The Meditation Habit say:

"Thank you with all my heart for introducing me to The Meditation Habit.
I am repeating the program – now on day 6 of the second round and enjoying every minute of it.
The result of the mediation is having profound effects on my outer life as well as my inner. I am starting to discover myself and remember who I am and what I am.
Pure Love."
– Seamus Kavanagh, Claregalway, Ireland
"I had “tried” to meditate before but didn’t feel like I knew what I was doing and I wasn’t very consistent.  I could sit still but my mind would jump from one thought to the next – going farther and farther away from myself. 
Now – since doing this program – I feel like I can say I practice meditation. I feel like I’m connecting with myself more deeply. I’m hooked. I feel like I’m just beginning to learn a new skill set and I want more. I’m not ready for it to end. You have provided such rich guidance."
Theresa Lackey, Missouri
"I’m so grateful that The Meditation Habit has finally resolved my resistance to establishing a daily meditation practice. For years I’ve known it would be helpful, felt drawn towards it, but somehow never managed to actually sit every day.
The design of the program helped me create a practical structure – one that fit my life and motivation – so that moving into daily practice feels natural and inevitable. 
I loved the clarity and simplicity of the guided meditations and instructions.
I felt that I knew exactly what I was doing. At the same time there was a depth and subtlety underlying it all that made me value the richness of the practice and what lies behind it. 
Eric Klein is a gentle, kind, hugely experienced, and wise guide. He wears his depth of learning and understanding lightly and with great humour. I’m so glad that I took this course and look forward to continuing my practice and going ever deeper."
Sue Reece, Crediton, Devon, UK  
"What I discovered through the program was that it was doable.  I could stick with it.  The gentle email nudges every day encouraged me to stay with the program and reminded me to smile and celebrate that I was actually building a meditation habit.  I also liked the group support on Facebook and Eric’s continuous teaching through his Facebook responses.
I enrolled because I wanted to be a better version of myself. More peaceful. Which to me, meant bringing more peace to my family and, in some small way, to the world.  I wanted to replace judgment with acceptance. I wanted to think more clearly. The biggest driver was that I wanted to be a better person. I did this for me and the people I love.
I have more peace in my heart and my mind. I feel good about myself.  I like myself more around others. I smile more."
Peggy Black, Minneapolis, Minnesota
"I’ve been meditating for nearly two years, but not as consistently as I would have liked. When Eric announced The Meditation Habit online class, I knew I wanted to take it. I’d experienced enough benefits from meditation that I knew I wanted to make it a habit, a daily practice.
Since I enrolled in the class, I’ve meditated daily. It’s not simply that I meditate daily, however. 
As a result of this class, I no longer have to “remember” to meditate, to set an alarm, or to put it on my calendar. It’s become part of my morning routine, as much opening my eyes, getting out of bed, and doing the usual things one does upon awakening.
I live with chronic pain. One of the most beneficial aspects of this class is that it reminded me that I can breathe into my pain and, oftentimes, my breath releases the pain. More importantly, though, is that my pain no longer leads to suffering. When I can, as an observer, notice the pain and accept that it exists, I am no longer the pain itself. It is an experience, like any other, so it no longer controls me.
I was surprised by the personal attention Eric gives each and every member of the class. The tele-class conference calls and the Facebook page have led to what I believe will be lifelong friendships with people interested in living life mindfully, in being present in the moment, and in sending love and caring into the world at a time when it’s most desperately needed.
If any of this strikes a chord with you, if you would like to establish a practice for living in a world where your reality isn’t exactly what you would like it to be, and you would like to learn to live peacefully and mindfully in your world, The Meditation Habit will guide you."
Georgia Williams, Sacramento, California
"I wasn't sure how I was going to address the anger and sadness that had become such a dominant part of my life. Before The Meditation Habit, I was afraid that I would live out my life crushed by cynicism, fear, and anger.
What I found, in the program, was the way and courage to turn loving awareness on these inner struggles. 
I learned that I can't change the flux of life but can change my response to it all through the meditation practice. The insanity is still there in the outer world, but I am becoming more sane and more human. 
The Meditation Habit brings a sense of calm, order, structure, and peace to my daily life on mental, physical, and psychological levels.
The whole course is a huge revealing of what is already there. It has been a huge reconnection tool showing me that as I look with loving awareness, the veils of identifying with my thoughts and emotions are released. Now when they arise, my tendency to identify with them is shortening in duration and actually disappearing.  
I love the daily reflections that encourage us, in various ways, to take the meditative mind out into our everyday lives. Meditation is not a one time daily event disconnected from the rest of our life, the world, and life.
Eric presented this course in a way that built step-by-step, allowing the habit to take hold. With the course material still in hand, the reinforcement can continue as I go off on my own and continue my life long habit of meditation. "
John Richards, San Diego, California
Since David and I started The Meditation Habit Program, our practice has become a solid foundation in our lives and, as a result, we’re growing in new and long-desired ways. To say the least, we’re very grateful for your program. We’ve established a firm daily habit.”
Marcia Hohler, Portland Oregon
I used to almost avoid meditating. I would get so frustrated with my mind wandering. I found it really hard to sustain my own practice. 
Now, it’s totally different. I actually want to sit down and meditate. 
You gave me a clear process. You laid the foundation and then built the practice layer by layer. I needed a structure and a clear path. I’m totally focusing my spiritual life on this practice.
Jim Heppell, Vancouver, Canada
I was concerned that I would resist for a number of reasons and that my meditation struggles and barriers would not be removed. What I found in the program was beauty, light, stillness, a process, humor, communion with others in the group and with Eric. The process works – I love that I have a Meditation Habit.”
Tammy Purdy, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
“The Meditation Habit makes meditation accessible to beginners while deepening and enriching the practice of experienced practitioners. Eric’s brand of wisdom, humor, and commitment will get you in the meditation habit!”
Molly Gordon, Shaboom Inc


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