What’s next on your path?

Release what holds you back.
Bring your sacred gifts to the world.
Live your purpose more fully & authentically.

We all meet obstacles on the path.

You’re going to run into roadblocks and walk through dark nights.

That’s given. But, you don’t have to walk alone.

Going it alone is hard.

I know. I’ve tried walking the path alone. It doesn’t work.
We all need support and guidance. Sometimes it comes in the form of a book. Other times it’s a course.

The most potent form of support comes in 1-to-1 conversations with an experienced guide.

What is Wisdom Heart Coaching?

Working with Eric in a personalized 1-to-1 process, you’ll get individualized teachings and spiritual practices to:

  • Sustain and deepen your connection to Inner Wisdom.
  • Release patterns that cause suffering for you and others.
  • Cultivate clarity, compassion, and equanimity in daily life.
  • Take daily actions to bring your sacred gift to the world.

Who is Wisdom Heart Coaching for?

Those who benefit most from this work have one or more of these challenges:

• Your heart longs for deeper spiritual communion.

When you look back at your life, it’s clear - you’ve always been a spiritual seeker. Even if it wasn’t obvious on the outside, your heart has always been focused on the sacred. Now, it’s time to listen. To be still. To open to that which you’ve always loved.

• You want to fulfill your soul’s purpose and bring your gifts to the world.

You have a deep sense of purpose and the awareness that you have more to give. But, converting those inner promptings into effective and sustainable action is challenging. You’re ready to build the habits - inner and outer - that will fulfill your soul’s purpose.

• You’ve accomplished a lot but there’s still a deeper itch that needs scratching.

You could keep doing what you’ve always done because, by most measures, you’re successful. But, those metrics aren’t the point, anymore. It’s not that you reject them. It’s that you want to go deeper - to infuse your life with soulful joy and awake presence.

• You’ve had an inner awakening but still get caught in old patterns.

You realize that the drama of your mind and emotions aren’t really real. But, you still get caught up in the old patterns and stories. It causes suffering for you and those you love. You’re ready for a radical shift.

Wisdom Heart Coaching is not a magic bullet.

This work is for people who want to:

  • Embody spiritual wisdom.
  • Create heart-centered relationships.
  • Fulfill their work-in-the-world.

I won't offer you any life-hacks.

This is about deep practice, honest reflection, and the whole-hearted willingness to cultivate grit while opening to grace.

If this sounds like work you'd like to do, let's take a baby-step together.

Here's what I suggest: we meet for a no-fee 30-minute call to assess whether working together is a fit.

During the first 20 minutes, we'll explore your current situation, the challenges you're facing, the questions you're asking, and what's inspiring you.

Then, we'll pause and reflect on whether working together makes sense.

This won't be a sales pitch. It's a necessary first step before making a deeper commitment.

Schedule an exploratory conversation.

"All my life I have yearned for a spiritual teacher, while being frightened of gurus. I wanted a teacher I could be comfortable with yet be skillfully taught by. I am blessed to have found this teacher in Eric.

When you’re ready for a teacher that seems just like you only isn’t – which is the good news – and you are ready to be challenged while always, always being loved, you have found your guy.

– Jennifer Louden, Author of Why Bother: Finding the Desire for What’s Next.


"I'm scrupulous about whom I want feedback from, but I trust Eric fully. Eric sees into the heart of what I do and who I am not from his own subjective projection but from my innate character.

When I feel off-track or unsure about the integrity of a decision, a conversation with Eric always gets me grounded, re-centered, and aligned with my integrity.

– Jeffrey Davis
writer & business artistry guide

“I have high standards when it comes to coaching. Working with Eric, is hands down the best coaching experience I have ever had. The level of clarity and insight that I’ve gained -  in such a short amount of time -  is incomparable. Eric imparts wisdom in a way that works. I’ve been able to make major shifts in key areas that had me stuck for years. ”

– Jessica Amortegui.
Sr. Director, Learning & Development, Logitech.

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