Retreats for Individuals & Couples

Now Available Virtually! 

It’s easy to get distracted from your true path.

To get pulled into habits of reactivity, busy-ness, and distraction. The further away you go - the more your Heart calls.

 Are you ready to return to the Heart?


A retreat isn’t an escape. It’s an invitation.

An invitation to live with greater love, deeper wisdom, and more abundance. We will show you how to connect-the-dots between meditative stillness and living a fully engaged life in the world.

What makes these retreats so powerful?

Based on our 40 years of experience working with thousands of people, we’ll guide you into the deeper waters of being. There you will commune with expanded states of innate joy, wisdom, love, and creativity. Deep communion heals traumas, releases confusion, and balances karmic patterns.

I recently returned from my Wisdom Heart Intensive Retreat, and it was a profound experience.   I went into the retreat thinking perhaps Eric would teach me some mysterious hidden secrets of the universe.   But to my surprise, what I experienced was much more illuminating.   I discovered that the hidden wisdom I had been seeking was already within me!   I simply needed Eric’s skilled guidance and prompts to go deeper to help reveal the hidden truth I already knew but didn’t recognize.


Together, Eric and I created a tailored three-day retreat that was customized to exactly what I needed to meet the situations arising in my life at this time.   Through five sessions that included meditation, sacred reading, instruction on my birth chart, and deep conversation, we were able to explore more deeply areas of my life that seemed entangled and impossible, and in them we discovered a Hidden Wholeness.  The result was a renewed sense of what is calling me and a clearer sense of what can be let go.


I am so grateful for Eric‘s wisdom, skill and guidance.  I would highly recommend this intensive retreat to anyone wanting to open to the Wisdom Heart within.



Is this right for you? Let’s talk.

Choosing to devote time to an intensive retreat is a sacred act. For us, working with you in this way is a sacred trust. That’s why it’s important to take time together to talk, listen, and discern whether this is what’s calling you.


At the end of this conversation, it will be clear.

You’ll know whether to move forward with an intensive retreat or not. And if so, we’ll begin the process of designing the retreat to support your awakening life.

Schedule a Conversation

“Our time with Eric and Devi was unlike any couples work we have ever experienced – in so many positive ways!

They met us in our exploration with full presence, compassion, without judgement as we navigated through several places in which we felt “stuck” as both spouses and working partners.

During the sessions we felt we were working with BOTH teachers and equals who shared their perspectives, experience, tools and practices that sparked deep reflection.

We wholeheartedly recommend this for any individual or couple who wants to deepen their exploration and understanding of relationship dynamics with self, others, and life.”

— David and Donna

Bainbridge Island, WA

Virtual WH Retreat

$850 per day

For Individuals or Couples

1-3 days

3 Sessions per day

Conducted via Zoom

The retreat will blend the following (based on your needs):

  • Guided meditations
  • Spiritual dialogue
  • Yoga
  • Rituals
  • Time alone
  • Reflective journaling
  • Customized spiritual practices & exercises
  • Tele-coaching follow-up

In-person WH Retreat

$3,950 for 3 days

For Individuals or Couples

3 days in Encinitas

5 intensive meetings in our Wisdom Heart home.

The retreat will also blend the following (based on your needs):

  • Yoga
  • Guided meditations
  • Rituals
  • Time alone
  • Beach walk & talks
  • Reflective journaling
  • Body work
  • Personalized practices and exercises – based on what arises
  • Customized spiritual practices & exercises
  • Tele-coaching follow-up


Choosing this kind of deep program can bring up emotions and questions. That’s natural and part of the discernment process.

I’m happy – very happy – to answer your questions and help you discern what’s the next step for you.

Please email me here.

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