Meditation Reboot!

Fall in love with spiritual practice (again!)


It’s easy to get excited about meditation.

And there is a lot to be excited about - because the practice works. But, excitement is like a sudden rain storm - dramatic, lots of water .  . . but it’s short-lived.

Excitement comes in strong and disappears just as quickly.
To reboot and fall in love with your spiritual practice, you don’t need excitement. You need the drip, drip, drip. It’s like watering a garden.

When you want to grow your practice - the drip method works best.
At Wisdom Heart, we use the drip method providing slow, steady, incremental infusions of inspiration and information that keep your meditation practice vital, meaningful, and consistent.

Meditation Reboot!

This program - until now - was only available to Wisdom Heart Community members. It’s a simple, powerful series of teachings that will show you how to enliven and deepen your meditation practice using the drip, drip, drip method:

• Switch your neurology from anxiety to a state of rest and renewal.

• Cultivate effortless absorption in the meditative state.

• Open to the transformative blessing that is Ever-present.

• Fall in love with the practice (so you never have to force yourself to do it again).

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Stay Focused

Effortlessly sustain a  practice that naturally takes you deeper.

Establish a Daily Rhythm

Ride the cycles of life and find your ideal meditation schedule.

Live in Presence

Abide as Presence in daily life & bring healing to your world.

How does the program work?

In Meditation Reboot! we will take take a practice-based, experiential journey to strengthen (and enliven) your meditation practice.

Why? So you more fully realize and embody your Radiant self.

The sages of the Wisdom Heart tradition have, over the millennia, given us ways of falling deeper and deeper in love with spiritual practice. These methods have worked for thousands of people for thousands of years. They can work for you.

Honor the impulse of awakening that is calling you.
Learn how to meditatively align your life with your deepest purpose by freeing your mind and heart from habits of self-sabotage. Learn how to:

• Move through stages of spiritual development.
• Naturally awaken in the present moment.
• Intensify the bliss and ease of your practice.

When you tap the power of intensity - your life transforms. But, intensity is not effort or even concentration - both of which produce only short-term effects.

Intensity is simpler and deeper.

It’s the secret to cultivating profound enjoyment and effortless practice.

"Why could I not practice regularly until now? It now feels so easy . . . I realized today what you mean by falling in love with the practice.

I wake up and look forward to sitting on my cushion. Thank you for this program. It has brought me to a deeper practice after many tries in vain."

Sigrid Beck

“Instead of telling myself I should meditate, I now wake up and actually DO it without hesitation and with a deep sense of looking forward to this intimate space.

The program is so well put together. The structure feels like a safety net, where I immerse myself and unfold into daily practice step-by-step. “

Gisela Kissing

Berlin, Germany

Your willingness to connect with me as a person is remarkable and lovely in this internet world. When I asked a question, you would actually respond. I got more than I expected.

I wanted to move into meditation more deeply and sustain a daily practice. The teachings were almost magical. I got more than I expected.”

Jean Johnson

Minneapolis, MN

A rich, multi-media learning experience.

The teachings & meditations take you step-by-step through the process of rebooting your meditation practice. The principles work because they integrate the timeless dharma with the latest findings of neuroscience. Yes, the sages and the scientists agree on how to reboot your practice!! Let us show you how to implement this wisdom.

SPECIAL BONUS: Transforming Boredom into Radiance

In this video/audio teaching, you’ll learn how to overcome boredom and avoid the common problem of stopping the practice - just when it’s about to go deep.

What the program includes?

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Standard Program includes:

Premium Program includes (all of above plus):

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About the Teachers

Meditation Reboot! is taught by Eric & Devi – co-founders of Wisdom Heart and ordained lineage holders in a 3,000 year old Kriya Yoga tradition. They have been married and practicing these methods together for almost 50 years and have have taught together both online and on retreats in United States and Europe.


What you offer is unique. I’m eighty-three years old and I’ve studied with many teachers and gurus. You’re a masters at what you do. It’s a marvel to behold.”

Jim Richmond, Santa Fe, New Mexico

What I found with Wisdom Heart is a kindness and gentleness that exceeded my wildest hopes. This morning when pausing and bathing my body-mind in loving awareness – I  cried joyfully. It feels like sitting in the lap of God.”

Ann Jensen Richards, San Diego, California

Meditation Reboot! STANDARD


  • 4 Video teachings with downloadable mp3 versions

  • 2 Awakening Meditations

  • 2 Live Calls

  • Bonus: Boredom into Radiance

Meditation Reboot! (Monthly WHC Membership)


12 months commitment

  • All the Standard content PLUS:
  • Complete Archives (over 100 teachings/practices)
  • On-going Teachings (new topics every 4-8 weeks)
  • Weekly Live Calls for 12 months
  • Private Forum
  • Members-only re-treats, teachings, guidance

Meditation Reboot! (Yearly WHC Membership)


Best Value: 2 Months FREE

  • All the Standard content PLUS:
  • Complete Archives (over 100 teachings/practices)
  • On-going Teachings (new topics every 4-8 weeks)
  • Weekly Live Calls for a year
  • Private Forum
  • Members-only re-treats, teachings, guidance


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