Loving Awareness:

Ā MantraWave Meditation

Bring your nervous system into resonance

with the healing wisdom of Loving Awareness.



Enjoy the Ease & Peace of Meditation.

When you meditate to promote healing and deepen awareness the practice needs to be easy. Not just easy. Enjoyable.
Mantra meditation is the ideal antidote to stress, struggle, and the scattered mind. Through this practice, the mantra transforms the patterning of your consciousness.

When the patterning of your consciousness changes - so does your life.

The sacred sounds peel away the layers of conditioning that veil the Heart. MantraWave combines this ancient practice with brain wave technology - so you can ride the MantraWave into the current of Loving Awareness. 

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Mantra Meditation + Brain Wave technology = MantraWave

Mantra meditation is the ancient practice of using sound to calm the mind and open your consciousness to profound states of healing, presence, and loving awareness.

Brain wave technology uses complex audio patterns to generate neural coherence to bring you into deep states of relaxation, balance, and effortless focus.

By combining these two powerful technologies, MantraWave offers you a meditation program like no other.

  • Sacred mantras
  • Brain wave balancing
  • Heart-opening music
  • A progressive sequence of guided meditations
  • A complete book of teachings & instructions

If youve ever struggled to meditate, this is for you.

MantraWave helps me relax and enter into my practice in a wholehearted way that is hard to achieve in a short time otherwise. I highly recommend these beautifully recorded mantras and meditations.

Marianne Elliott,

Zen Peacekeeper & Author of Zen Under Fire

Aukland, New Zealand


“After two weeks of using this program this is what I found:

In stressful situations, that would have typically have caused a burst of adrenaline, I felt like there was almost a neutralization. Instead of the adrenaline, there was a feeling of the mantra and it softened my reactions. It was deeply physical – the spike of panic or reaction just wasn’t there.

I’m not reacting or spacing out – just taking action without drama. I love mantra meditation. I find myself doing the practice twice a day – because it feels good.”

-- Kathy Nett
Florida, USA

Standard Program includes:

Premium Program includes (all of above plus):

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Loving Awareness with MantraWave Meditation STANDARD


This option includes:

  • Introduction to the Mantra (MP3)
  • 10-minute MantraWave Guided Meditation (MP3)
  • 30-minute MantraWave Guided Meditation (MP3)
  • 60-minute Pure MantraWave (MP3)
  • MantraWave: How to Integrate Mantra into your Life (e-book)

Loving Awareness with MantraWave Meditation PREMIUM


This option includes:

  • Introduction to the Mantra (MP3)
  • 10-minute MantraWave Guided Meditation (MP3)
  • 30-minute MantraWave Guided Meditation (MP3)
  • 60-minute Pure MantraWave (MP3)
  • MantraWave: How to Integrate Mantra into your Life (e-book)
  • 5 teachings on Living with Loving Awareness (MP3)
  • A 25-page Awakening Love e-book & reflection journal
  • Healing the Heart of the World meditation (MP3).
  • Blessing the "Other" meditation (MP3).
  • Creative Radiance meditation (MP3).
  • Heart of Stillness meditation (MP3).

I have been able to deepen my meditation to a whole new level of consciousness. MantraWave guides me to a place of contentment and peace. 

The harmony of your voices and the subtlety of the music opens a sacred space in the center of the listener’s “wisdom heart.”

What a delightful way to embrace bhakti yoga! The guided meditations are just right, not too much talking, neither too little. This experience is true Bliss!“

– Swami Swarupananda, Lisa Bergly, Spirit of the Lake Yoga

 Recently life dealt me something unexpected: the end of a relationship, which has been extremely challenging. I needed something to help me get out of my head and begin moving to a place of peace.

I know the benefits of a regular practice. So, I now meditate to the MantraWave Love Program, which allows me to drop into my heart and feel a more expansive love that exists beyond my suffering and pain.

MantraWave reminds me – through direct experience – that love is all around me and available within me at all times, regardless of external circumstances. This has been a true gift as I begin to heal.

Thank you!"

– Greg Berg, San Diego, California

I have tried meditation before in the past and struggled.

I found the breathing-style of meditation difficult and confusing. Id get very wrapped up in the technique and thinking about how it was working or not working.

With mantra meditation I could just lose myself.

As Ive practiced more and more, I listen to your guidance less and less and simply focus on – really rest in – the mantra. I love mantra meditation.

-- Susan Holstrom
Florida, USA

I use MantraWave during my morning meditation and it helps me smooth out erratic thoughts and become more focused. Yesterday I played it during my personal hatha practice and it helped me keep my mind centered on the asanas.

Your voice is very rich and the interplay between solo voice and chorus is really beautiful.”

– William Hunt, Founder & Senior Teacher, Oak Park Yoga

Ive had a chanting practice for years, so mantras arent new to me.

I’ve heard countless mantras chanted countless times by countless people. Truthfully, most of the time I’m left feeling pretty ‘meh.’

But this? This is different.

I could tell in ten seconds that this was special.
Different, but also powerful. Full of high octane mojo that makes the chanting not just beautiful, but also totally effective. There’s more to mantras than just the words. There’s a mojo behind them – a transmission of shazam. And that’s what’s virtually always missing in most of the mantra stuff I hear.

It was obvious to me that Eric isnt just reciting the words.
I could feel the mantra in my bones. And the music is just exquisite.

I feel things shifting inside and out.
And that’s critical for me, because I’m a pragmatist. It’s important that everything I do – including my spiritual practice – have some concrete results in my life. MantraWave has genuinely wowed me.”

– Fabeku Fatunmise, business awesomizer and sonic alchemist


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