Overcoming Inner Obstacles

Free your heart & Still your mind


Life is a bumpy ride.

We’re all going to run into bad weather, difficult people, and unexpected obstacles.

How we respond to these bumps determines whether we will experience:

  • A life of struggle and suffering.
  • A life of love and creativity.

We want love and creativity.
But, to realize that life, we need to heal the emotional wounds and self-defeating thoughts that perpetuate the experiences of suffering and struggle.
But, how? This is what the ancient sages figured out.

The sages wanted to be free as much as you do.
They lived in times of trouble and uncertainty. They experienced the same emotional reactions that you do. Fear. Anger. Sorrow. Doubt. Overwhelm.

So, through deep inquiry and meditative insight, they developed simple, powerful mantra meditations that reliably heal the heart and still the mind.

These mantra meditations that have worked for thousands of people for thousands of years. And we can use them today to:

  • Transform emotions no matter how challenging
  • Re-patterned reactivity into life-giving energy

This is going to sound very odd.”

A participant’s experience from the program . . .


“I come from a science background. 

I pride myself on being a rational, logical individual. I do have a respect for wisdom traditions but I didn’t want to any religious overtones. I was more interested in changes in my life, brain, mind.

As I began to experience the course, any hesitation or doubts totally evaporated.
I didn’t have to think or war with myself . . . I love resting in the mantra. Then something started happening after two weeks. This is going to sound very odd.

After two weeks in the program this is what I found:

  • Where I’d ordinarily feel a spike of panic, I would just take action without drama.
  • I wasn’t holding back or repressing. 
  • There was a feeling of the mantra and it softened my reactions.

It was deeply physical - the spike of panic or reaction just wasnt there.
I wasn’t spaced out - I was very much in the moment, with clarity, non-reacting, without the ‘hurt’ story of ‘them doing something to me’."

-- Allyson Cameron
Toronto, Canada

How the Program Works

Overcoming Inner Obstacles is a 4-week program. You will learn how to use mantra meditation to transform the reactive emotions and destructive thoughts that keep you from living with greater clarity, courage, and peace - even in uncertain, difficult times.

 Youll learn specific practices to:

  • Remove the inner obstacles that hold you back
  • Heal reactive emotional patterns
  • Untangle your awareness from negative thoughts

The program unfolds in four modules:
Each module consists of seven teachings (in video, audio, and written form) and a sequence of meditations (in audio form).

Module 1: Foundations of Freedom

This module introduces you to the relationship between emotion, thought, and mantra. Drawing on ancient texts and current research from neuroscience and psychology - you learn how to:

  • Use mantra meditation as a tool for penetrating the deepest levels of consciousness.
  • Establish a personal meditation practice that fits your life and life style.

Module 2: Emotional Freedom & Embodied Bliss

In this module you learn how to use mantra meditation to liberate the creative energy that is drained through reactive emotions & negative thoughts.

You discover how:

  • Shift from the drama of personal history to the peace of Presence.
  • Release emotional contraction to experience embodied bliss.

Module 3: Turning up the Heat

In this module you learn how to use the principles of intensity and duration to:

  • Increase the transforming power of your meditation.
  • Let the mantra’s wisdom energy lead you to deeper and deeper states of freedom and joy.

Module 4: Breathing Freedom into Your Life

In this module, all the previous material is integrated. The focus is on how to:

  • Bring the resonance of the practice into your daily life.
  • Renew and empower those areas of life that were tangled in conditioning.










To free yourself from reactivity & negativity re-pattern your consciousness.

You need to move to a deeper, more primary level of consciousness. That’s what mantra meditation does.

Mantra meditation returns thought and emotions back to their source in pure consciousness.
Through this process, all the chaos, destructiveness, and suffering dissolves and from that state of balance, your life naturally renews.

The changes in your life will be organic.
No drama. No upheavals. Rather you will experience the natural falling away of past compulsions and a powerful capacity to receive the blessings of the present moment.

Using the methods daily, you will experience more confidence, clarity, and compassion as a natural by-product of opening to the power of mantra meditation.

If you've ever struggled to meditate, this is for you. 

I've often said that mantra meditation feels like a shortcut to states of consciousness that sometimes I find hard to reach through other forms of meditation. And in his introduction, Eric explains that this is pretty much what the ancient yogis discovered. So I'm not cheating!

Mantra meditation helps me relax and enter into my practice in a wholehearted way that is hard to achieve in a short time otherwise."

-- Marianne Elliott, author, Zen Under Fire


There are two Ways to Participate:



The 4-week Standard Program includes:


In addition to the Standard program listed above:


Everything is Online: No Travel Required

The entire program is based online so that you can participate from anywhere.

All course materials, including streaming videos, MP3s, written teachings, special recordings, and additional resources are on The HFK site. If you choose the Premium program, you’ll also be able to ask questions, get feedback and connect online with other meditators.


Still not sure?

Three things to consider:

  1. Youve had moments of emotional freedom.
    When the compulsion, anxiety, drama of life dissolved away. When you were just present – whole-heartedly present. That’s a taste of freedom. It’s like an appetizer. Would you like to enjoy the whole meal? It’s very possible. The program gives you the recipe and shows you step-by-step how to transform reactivity into freedom.
  2. The patterns of limitation that constrain your life wont go away on their own.
    You know that freedom is possible. Sustainable breakthroughs happen when you re-pattern the inner, subtle, energetic structures of consciousness from which your life arises. This is what this program provides.
  3. You get all the support you want.
    And if you enroll in the Premium program, you don’t have to make this journey alone. You’ll have our personal support and guidance: during the tele-classes, on the private Facebook group, and via email. We will answer your questions and help you integrate the practice into your life. And, as many students say, the group interaction and support adds an invaluable element to the learning process.


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A very unusual aspect of the program is your responsiveness.

Its unusual to get a personalized response when taking online programs. Thats not only helpful but necessary for a course like this: to know that if you do have an issue or challenge that youre there to help me through it. And you are. 

When I had questions and you answered them directly - not with cookie cutter answers. Your answers were personal - not a templated response. 

I found the program practical and yet transcendent at the same time.
Every day there was application - bringing the practice into daily life. It was so focused. I felt I was moving forward or deeper but it was gentle without any pushing.

Every morning Id look forward to the program.
I’d wonder, What will I find today?” 

The daily teachings and meditations are always positive and set the day up right.
I’m so glad I did this program. I love the mantra meditation. I find myself doing the practice twice a day - because it feels good.

-- Karen Johnson
Vancouver, Canada

But what if you dont get your value for the money?

This program has our No Bad Karmaguarantee. This means that if you decide Overcoming Inner Obstacles isn’t what you need or want – let us know within 15 days and we’ll be happy to refund your money with a smile.

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