The Forgiveness Process

Turning Wounds into Wisdom

A self-guided Masterclass (with a Coaching Option)


Forgiveness is freedom.

The soul longs for the freedom & peace forgiveness can bring. Deep within we know:

Without forgiveness we're chained to the past - caught in the hurt and pain of our history.

But often, there’s a part of us that isn’t so sure. A tender part that recoils at the idea of revisiting past pain or trauma.

  • How can we honor the wisdom of both the heart’s longing and that tender uncertainty?
  • How can we proceed at a pace that fosters healing, not harm?

We need a process to:

• Meet the pain of the past with skill, compassion, and equanimity.
• Transform habits of disconnection, distrust, and fear into strength, resilience, and love.
• Connect to the rich sources of healing within yourself and your life.

Start the Forgiveness Process

Forgiveness is not spiritual by-passing.

Truth needs to be told. Losses need to be grieved. Love needs to be embraced and the heart needs to re-awaken to grace. This calls for courage and integrity.

Forgiveness is waking up.

You came into this life to awaken. Every event and person that you’ve encountered - every single one - has been part of learning to wake up. When we don’t learn, the suffering increases; not as a punishment but as a call to bless and redeem that which is still asleep.

“It's one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself, to forgive.

Forgive everybody.”

— Maya Angelou

How does the program work?

Rumi wrote, “The cure for pain is in the pain.”

It’s true. The very medicine your soul needs is locked in the unredeemed memory tracks of heartbreak, loss, and trauma. In the Forgiveness Process you learn how to liberate the energy and intelligence that is waiting to enrich your life.

The Forgiveness Process is an experiential program of inner practices, deep reflection, and guided healing rituals. You will be guided through a structured sequence of teachings and  meditations that will:

• Unravel the knots of struggle and suffering.
• Free you from outmoded habits of the past.
• Convert emotional reactions into creative energy.
• Strengthen your capacity to live in the present moment with love & wisdom

Everything you need to live with wisdom and love is within the treasure house of your soul.

But, access to these inner resources can be obscured by energetic blocks, inherited beliefs, emotional habits, and self-destructive habits.

This program offers you a structured process for gently, surely, and harmoniously turning wounds into wisdom. With each practice of the Forgiveness Process, you feel more reinvigorated and refreshed with energy, clarity, and compassion.

Join us on this journey of love,  wisdom, and freedom.


What the program includes?

This is an experiential, multi-media learning experience. Our focus is on practice and integration and whole-hearted support. (Click on the + to read more details.)

Premium: Individual Coaching Option

Making deep, soulful changes is sacred work.

Obstacles and dark nights are part of the path. Meeting and navigating these deep challenges calls for skill, clarity, and deep listening. A guide can help.

That’s why I’m offering Individual Coaching (at a discounted price) as an option.

I’ve supported hundreds of people over the years through the Forgiveness Process. If this feels right to you, choose the Premium Option below. 

The Premium Program includes one 30-minute coaching call.

"All my life I have yearned for a spiritual teacher, while being frightened of gurus. I wanted a teacher I could be comfortable with yet be skillfully taught by. I am blessed to have found this teacher in Eric. His wisdom, humility, real world business experience, and most of all, sense of humor, are allowing me to gain the spiritual maturity I yearn for.”

– Jennifer Louden,

Best Selling Author: The Women’s Comfort Book, Why Bother? Discover the Desire for What's Next



About the Teachers

The Forgiveness Process is taught by Eric & Devi – co-founders of Wisdom Heart and ordained lineage holders in a 3,000 year old Kriya Yoga tradition. They have been married and practicing these methods together for almost 50 years and have have taught together both online and on retreats in United States and Europe.


"I have known Eric and Devi for over 40 years - yes over 40 years!

From the beginning they have always been about achieving inner peace and happiness by distilling and infusing the wisdom and ultimate sanity of the timeless teachings of the east into a productive and positive life in the world.”

– Michael Kovitz,

Raleigh, North Carolina,

author of From Silence to Sound

“There is openness, humanness, down-to-earth, and deep knowing.

Sometimes I am so amazed that you bring such deep knowledge and understanding – coming from the soul.

The depth of sharing is so touching and connecting."

- Gisela Kissing

Berlin, Germany

Your willingness to connect with me as a person is remarkable and lovely in this internet world. When I asked a question, you would actually respond.

I wanted to move into meditation more deeply and sustain a daily practice. The teachings were almost magical. I got more than I expected.”

Jean Johnson

Minneapolis, MN

Forgiveness Process STANDARD

$195 $95

  • 7 Teaching Videos

  • 4 Recorded Teaching Calls

  • Complete Guided Forgiveness Meditations

  • Forgiveness Process workbook
  • BONUS: Long Loving Awareness Mantra

PREMIUM with Individual Coaching

$245 $195

  • One 30-minute Coaching Session with Eric ($150 value)

  • 7 Teaching Videos

  • 4 Recorded Teaching Calls

  • Complete Guided Forgiveness Meditations

  • Forgiveness Process workbook
  • BONUS: Long Loving Awareness Mantra

“Hatred never ceases by hatred, but by love alone is healed. This is the ancient and eternal law.”


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