From Distraction to Dharma:

Live with Wisdom & Love

(Even when the world is spinning wildly)


Simplify your environment.

Gently shape your environment to reinforce healing and support soulful presence.


Establish a contemplative rhythm.

Realign your daily habits and schedule to strengthen a living connection with the sacred.


Embody meditative awareness.

Let go of distracting narratives and live with Presence, bringing grace and love to your world.



We’re living in a world that is designed (more than ever before) to:

  • Scatter your attention.
  • Fragment your mind.
  • Divide your heart.
  • Keep you spinning and off-balance.

Thousands of things - pings, people, projects, problems - are calling for your attention.

No exaggeration. Thousands!

Living this way wears on the nervous system.

It’s depleting and dis-heartening.

No wonder so many of us are in a constant state of distraction that breeds - cynicism, despair, and . . . ironically . . . a huge appetite for more distractions!

(And the current state of global uncertainty adds fuel to the fire.)

Happily, there is another way to live.

Even within the stress and uncertainty. It’s a life grounded in dharma (wisdom, compassion, skillful action) rather than distraction. It’s a wisdom-based way of life guided by meditative awareness.

Dharma is the antidote to distraction.

When you're living your dharma, distractions still arise. But, they don't throw you off the path.

Instead, you use the inevitable presence of distractions and challenges to deepen:

  • Clarity
  • Calm
  • Compassion
  • Creativity

You care for all the parts of your life with loving attention, appreciation, and even awe.

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How does the program work?

Walk Your Path is an experiential program that cultivates wisdom, compassion, skillful action.

This program offers a structured sequence of teachings, principles, and practices for crafting a way of life that is anchored in wisdom and love. 

  • Move through your days with presence.
  • Bring your full attention to what matters most to you.
  • Meet distractions without reactivity.
  • Design your daily schedule to foster well-being.
  • Strengthen your capacity to focus (without strain) on what matters most.

Embody your dharma and live with joyful wisdom.
Walking your path honors your soul’s commitment to deep, fundamental well-being.
Fulfilling your dharma is an act of service that brings greater wisdom and love to the world.

"I loved the clarity and simplicity of the teachings, meditations, and instructions.
I felt that I knew exactly what I was doing. At the same time there was a depth and subtlety underlying it all that made me value the richness of the practice and what lies behind it.

Sue Reece
Crediton. Devon, UK

“I have known Eric and Devi for over forty years. From the beginning they have always been about the same things, achieving inner peace and happiness by distilling and infusing the wisdom and ultimate sanity of the timeless teachings of the East into a productive and positive life in the world.
I have never known them to stray from their path. How many people can you say that about?”

– Michael Kovitz, Raleigh, North Carolina, author, From Silence to Sound

Your willingness to connect with me as a person is remarkable and lovely in this internet world. When I asked a question, you would actually respond. This isn’t a hugely expensive program – yet you’re right there. This created an environment of gentle accountability that really opened me up. I got more than I expected.”

– Jean Johnson, Minneapolis, MN

A rich, multi-media learning experience.

The teachings & meditations take you step-by-step through the process of recognizing, softening, and transforming self-limiting patterns into life-enriching ways of being.

The principles work because they integrate the timeless dharma with the latest findings of neuroscience and behavior change. Let us show you how to bring this sacred dharma alive in your life.

SPECIAL BONUS: All that Arises is Your Teacher

In this video/audio teaching, you’ll learn how to meet all of life situations - especially the hard ones - as teachers inviting you to heal your heart and live your true purpose.

What the program includes?

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Standard Program includes:

Premium Program includes (all of above plus):

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About the Teachers

This program is taught by Eric & Devi, co-founders of Wisdom Heart and ordained lineage holders in the Kriya Yoga tradition. They have been married and practicing these methods for almost 50 years and have taught together both online and on retreats in United States and Europe.

“Realize the essence of who you are as Radiance and  embody that essence through the unique expression of your life.”

-- Eric & Devi


Distraction to Dharma STANDARD


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  • 2 Awakening Meditations

  • 2 Live Calls

  • Bonus: All that Arises is Your Teacher

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  • Complete Archives (over 100 teachings/practices)
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  • All the Standard content PLUS:
  • Complete Archives (over 100 teachings/practices)
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