What will renew & deepen your spiritual practice?


Like any habit, your spiritual practice can become a little stale.

Rather than enriching your life, your practice becomes mechanical. It's disheartening, especially when you know how beautiful it is when you're practicing deeply and feeling aligned with the Sacred.

We created this free Spiritual Practice Assessment to support you in renewing your practice and enlivening your spiritual life.

The Spiritual Practice Assessment

3-steps to Renew Your Spiritual Practice

1) Reflect

First, you'll answer a few key questions about your spiritual practice.

2) Focus

Next, you'll focus your intentions and clarify your needs.

3) Receive

Then, we'll send you a curated program
based on your results.

Take the Assessment

Teachings & Practices based on Your Needs

By answering a few questions, you’ll be able to get clear and focus on what matters most in
your spiritual life. Based on your results, we’ll send you a sequence of teachings
that will renew your practice and enrich your spiritual life.

How can a no-cost Assessment be helpful?

Simple. Take your results seriously. We do. We'll send you curated teachings based on your survey.

We’re here to support your awakening life.
Eric & Devi and the Wisdom Heart team