The Art of Letting Go

Stop trying so hard. Relax into the Radiant Presence at your core.


When we want to make changes in our life, it’s natural to push ourselves.

After all, if we don’t exert an effort - the thinking goes - how will anything happen? So we lean in. Do more. Sweat and strain.

This can work for a while. But, in short order, the push-push of effort can be exhausting and even depressing.

And this pattern of pushing isn't limited to work and career. It's found every area of life - including the spiritual life.

What’s the alternative - to just give up? That doesn’t feel right.

It's the dilemma of our conditioning; a choice between endless doing and throwing in the towel. Between burning out or bumming out. Ugh.

This is what the ancient yogis called the wheel of suffering. It seems to be spinning faster than ever these days. So, what’s the alternative?

Is there another way to stay committed, be consistent, and realize our dreams without all the push-push-push?

Yes, there is. It’s the art of letting go. Letting go is a contemplative art. You learn this art - as with any art - by practicing.

The practice of letting go allows you to:

  • Loosen the knots of self-judgment that bind you to the wheel of unhappiness.
  • Embrace the innate beauty and wisdom of your soul’s deep longing.
  • Receive the ups and downs of life with an undefended heart.


In the most sacred moments of our lives, we naturally let go.

As we do, we discover a peace and fulfillment that is unconditioned. We feel our innate wholeness and know nothing more is needed.

Then, for most of us, something happens.

It could be a phone call, a flat tire, or something more serious. Whatever it is, the communion is broken. We find ourselves identified with familiar states of dissatisfaction and habits of struggle.

Thus, begins our search to return to wholeness.

This impulse to search is both beautiful and a burden. The beauty is that we remember. In our souls, the fragrance of Grace lingers. The sense of Presence subtly endures and calls to us.

But, there’s the burden that comes with seeking.

It’s the weight of believing that we are not enough; that we are separate from the peace we remember. That we need to do something to be more awake, more healed, more present, more . . . more . . . more . . .

The path of seeking more - whether spiritual or material - perpetuates struggle.

Struggle leads to suffering. Then, even the most beautiful spiritual practices can become severe, serious, and self-punishing.

Perhaps it’s time to:

  • Lay down the burdens of self-improvement and the struggle to be more.
  • Relax the habits of controlling and allow compassion to be your guide.
  • Loosen the effort to awaken and gently open to the depth of this moment.


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“Eric & Devi are able to breathe life into the teachings and make them real and personally relevant.”

-- Jessica Jewel

Lincoln, Nebraska

“The richness of these teachings is infinite. There is openness, humanness, down-to-earth, and deep knowing.”

Gisela Kissing

Berlin, Germany

Your willingness to connect with me as a person is remarkable and lovely in this internet world. When I asked a question, you would actually respond. I got more than I expected.”
– Jean Johnson, Minneapolis, MN

 The Art of Letting Go

This is an experiential program for discovering how to let go of what binds you including:

  • Letting go of control
  • Letting go of grievances
  • Letting go of complaints
  • Letting go of disappointment
  • Letting go of beliefs
  • Letting go of expectations
  • Letting go of pressure
  • Letting go of self-criticism
  • Letting go of perfectionism

Letting go is simple - though not always easy.
It’s radical and real. Are you ready?

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About the Teachers
This program is taught by Eric & Devi – co-founders of Wisdom Heart and ordained lineage holders in a 3,000 year old Kriya Yoga tradition.
They have been married and practicing these methods together for almost 50 years and have have taught together both online and on retreats in United States and Europe.
"One of our commitments at Wisdom Heart is to bring deep, authentic practices to you - in a way that works for householders i.e. busy people. These methods have worked for thousands of people for thousands of years. They can work for you."

What you offer is unique. I’m eighty-three years old and I’ve studied with many teachers and gurus. You’re a masters at what you do. It’s a marvel to behold.”

Jim Richmond, Santa Fe, New Mexico

What I found with Wisdom Heart is a kindness and gentleness that exceeded my wildest hopes. This morning when pausing and bathing my body-mind in loving awareness – I  cried joyfully. It feels like sitting in the lap of God.”

Ann Jensen Richards, San Diego, California


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