The teachings, inspiration, and support you need for your spiritual life.

Grow in Wisdom. Live in Love.

The teachings, inspiration and support you need for your spiritual life.

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The Wisdom Heart Community


Embody sacred wisdom in your daily life.


Establish a soulful, life-changing practice.


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There’s an ocean of spiritual information on the web.

More than you could ever absorb and much of it free. Free sounds good! But, if you’ve tried clicking-your-way-to-enlightenment, you know how easy it is to get distracted and drown in the internet ocean.

Then there are programs promising instant enlightenment along with a hefty price tag.

It only takes a few rides on these spiritual see-saws –feeling high then low, starting and stopping – to realize that too-good-to-be-true promises and quick-fixes are not the authentic path.


We’d like to offer you an alternative:

The Wisdom Heart Community.

WHC is a global network of people who are deepening their spiritual practices, healing their hearts, and discovering how to grow in wisdom and live in love. 

This virtual sangha is a modern expression of a 3,000 year old lineage.

Wisdom Heart founders – Eric & Devi – are lineage holders who translate these ancient teachings for modern lives. They’ve worked with thousands of sincere spiritual seekers for over 40 years.


Who is WHC for?

Most people who find their way to Wisdom Heart have done some searching.

This isn’t their first spiritual rodeo and they’re not looking for “the answer.” They want to integrate profound spiritual practice and sacred wisdom into their fully-engaged modern life.

Wisdom Heart is for people who want to:

  • Sustain and deepen a vibrant meditation practice.
  • Grow in wisdom and live in love.
  • Be a force for good in the world.
  • Connect with a generous spiritual (not religious) online community.

Who is this not for?

There are people who won’t thrive in the Wisdom Heart Community. They are those who:

Want a quick-fix. While profound shifts can happen in the blink of an eye – Wisdom Heart is a path of practice that works gently and harmoniously to change your life.

Don’t want to be kind, curious, and generous. We’ve created an online space where kindness, curiosity, and generosity are the how we roll.

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“Eric & Devi are able to breathe life into the teachings and make them real and personally relevant.”

Jessica Jewel, Lawrence, Kansas

“The richness of these teachings is infinite. There is openness, humanness, down-to-earth, and deep knowing.

Gisela Kissing, Berlin, Germany

“I have not missed a day on the cushion since day one of the program and, most importantly, I haven’t wanted to skip a single day, even while traveling.”
– Jean Van Bonn, Arcata, California

How does The Wisdom Heart Community work?


The Wisdom Heart Community teachings are curated in carefully designed steps.


As soon as you join, the teachings, practices, and support will start flowing your way with:

 Deep guidance on meditation and spiritual practice.

Teachings and techniques for living with presence.

Inspiration to heal & nourish your spiritual heart.

 Instant access to our extensive digital library.

Our private online forum.

Exclusive programs and benefits.


Here’s what you’ll receive:


Free access to Wisdom Heart courses:

We used to sell these courses separately.

Now, they’re included in your WHC membership. Why? Because we want to offer you the teachings, inspiration, and support you need to deepen your spiritual life.    

The Meditation Habit

Start, Sustain and Deepen you Daily Practice

Live Fearless & Free

The Bhagavad Gita in 40 days

Following the Wisdom Within

The Art of Meditative Discernment

Overcoming Inner Obstacles

with Mantra Meditation

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Additional Member Bonuses:

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“I’ve spent my whole life in spiritual pursuits. Still, I harbored anxiety and almost panic about not being enough, not doing enough, and despite a successful life by almost every measure, not ‘living up to my potential.’ Coming to Wisdom Heart changed all that.

Wisdom Heart teachings and methodology finally allowed the wisdom of a lifetime of spiritual understanding to actually seep into my daily life and begin to come alive for me – perhaps even as me.

Wisdom Heart continues to lead me into myself and the present moment with gratitude, gentleness and true peace. Thank you, Eric and Devi. Thank you”

Lisa Sferiazza Johnson — Rome, Italy

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Our Promise to You

We’re here to support your awakening life.

We want you to realize, embody, and express wisdom and love in every aspect of your life - relationships, work, and service to the world.

The Wisdom Heart Community is online but it’s not impersonal.

When you join WHC, you become part of a global network of people who are discovering how to meet every moment of life (especially the hard ones) with clarity, courage, and compassion.

We invite you to walk the path together.





QUESTIONS? If you have any question that aren’t covered here, please email me directly and let me know how I can help. We’d love to get your feedback. Click here to email.

The feedback that you give is strictly confidential. We’re on the journey together.



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  • Daily Interactions
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I’m still surprised at the depth of connection that we have.

I’ve participated with a local meditation group - very actively - but I never felt community as I do with this group which is online. It’s strange and unexpected and wonderful.

It has been really important experience being part of the community over and above the teachings which are amazing.”

Jean Van Bonn, Arcata, California

“What you offer is unique. I’m eighty-three years old and I’ve studied with many teachers and gurus. You’re a masters at what you do. It’s a marvel to behold.”

Jim Richmond, Santa Fe, New Mexico

"What I found with Wisdom Heart is a kindness and gentleness that exceeded my wildest hopes. This morning when pausing and bathing my body-mind in loving awareness – I  cried joyfully. It feels like sitting in the lap of God.”

Ann Jensen Richards, San Diego, California

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